Milky Way For Photography in Kumbolo Lake

Milky Way For Photography in Kumbolo Lake

Milky Way For Photography in Kumbolo Lake | Kumbolo Lake is one of beautiful spots in Mount Semeru. It is located in the slopes of Mt Semeru East Java. It is at an altitude of 2.900 meters and becomes a place for travellers to stand a tent and camp before continue to Semeru Peak. The temperature there is very cold, It can reach 0 degrees Celsius. but travellers still stay camping there in order to see It’s wonderful views.

The beauty of Kumbolo Lake in the night also becomes the attractions for climbers and tourists to visit because they can watch “Milky Way“. To see it you need 2 days climbing and spend a night there. The charm of Milky Way in Kumbolo Lake is famous for photographers. they are hunting this natural phenomenon. Photographers usually take photoes of It in combination between star clusters and kumbolo lakes.

Incoming Search : Kumbolo Lake a Heaven Under Mount Semeru

The best time to see the natural phenomenon “Milky Way” is in the range of April – August, more precisely in the dry season. At 02.00 a.m early morning is your time to prepare to see Milky Way. Usually It comes out at 02.30 – 04.00 a.m. On a sunny night, It is not recommended to hunt Milky way on the full moon. because the moonlight will slightly disturb and blur It. Actually, there are some places in East Java to see Milky Way such as in Mount Bromo. Mount Ijen and others, but Kumbolo Lake is the finest place to witness It.

To go there, you need to prepar your camping equipment as well. The track is far enough to make your body tired. The journey will spend normally about 4 hours climbing. When you reach Kumbolo Lake, your tiredness will be paid by the beauty and charm of views there.

If you travel from Surabaya, you should go at 07.00 o’clock in morning in order not to be late to see Milky Way in Kumbolo Lake. The journey will take 5 hours driving to Ranu Pani and continue hiking to Kumbolo Lake.

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If you think that Kumbolo Lake Milky Way Tour for Photography has the most important value, You can choose the Milky Way time on Mei – September. If You choose on other months, You can take the calender date between 01st – 15th and between 27th – 30th in each months.

Before You choose the Galaxy Photography tour on Kumbolo Lake, You can bring jacket, gloves, hat, long pants, and personal medicine because the temperature on the high peak around 03 – 06 degree centigrade. Dont forget to bring complete photography tools to support your photography perfectly.

Milky Way For Photography in Kumbolo Lake