G-Land Beach, World Class Surfing Spot Banyuwangi East Java

G-Land Beach, World Class Surfing Spot

G-Land Beach

G-Land Beach, local call it “Plengkung Beach“, is a beach located in Alas Purwo National Park East Java Indonesia.  It is sutiated on Grajagan Bay, in southeastern coast of Java heading to Indian Ocean which is exposed to large swells that is generated by low wind pressure systems on the Ocean.

It is famous for the big waves and becomes “Heaven” for surfers to break them. The waves could reach 4-8 meters with over 1 kilometer long and even colud form 7 compound waves.
G-Land Beach is popular for those who like surfing commonly from abroad. Many surfers come to the beach to break big waves, and also tourists come there only to view green forest. The waves in this beach have 3 levels, Kong waves (2-12 ft more), Moneytrees Waves (2-10 ft) and speeids Waves (2-8 ft). Biggest waves usually come on May to October (at dry season).
 There are surf camps and resort availabe at the beach, so that, travellers can stay overnight at camps thare. In surfing, surfers can hire a boat, people there call it “Jongkong Boat”, It can carry 4 persons. Surfers usually come at 09.00 a.m to the beach to break big waves till afternoon and continue to watch sunset at the beach.
Beside the big waves, other interesting activities in G-land are soft trekking the green forest of Alas Purwo by bycle you could hire there or walking by foot, and diving, snorkling, caving and fishing at the beach.

Some said that letter “G” in G-Land comes from word “Green” which refers to Green forest and others said from word “Grajagan bay” or refer to “Great Waves” or from the shape of the bay that forms letter “G”.

Route to G-Land Beach Banyuwangi East Java

If you have plan to visit G-Land, You can travel from Surabaya or Malang towards Banyuangi city, and then drive to Kalipahit and continue to Pancur post. It is about 60 Km from Banyuangi city. Or you can travel from Jember city towards G-Land with duration of about 3 hours and distance of 120 Km to Pancur Post. From Pancur post, you can walk along 9 Km or you could rent a car that has been provided by ranger officer. The raod-track to G-Land is not smooth like common road because It is located in National Park Preservation which is not allowed to change Its natural contours.

Another way to G-Land is seafaring, you can travel using boat from Bali island directly to G-Land with duration about 3 hours, or from Grajagan beach using boat to G-Land (40 Km) with duration of 1 hour.

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G-Land Beach, World Class Surfing Spot