Kumbolo Lake “A HEAVEN” Under Mount Semeru

Kumbolo Lake a Heaven Under Mount Semeru

Kumbolo Lake a Heaven Under Mount Semeru

Kumbolo Lake a Heaven Under Mount Semeru | Kumbolo lake is a freshwater lake located in the mountainsides of Mount Semeru in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This lake has an area of about 15 hectares. For nature lovers and backpackers, Kumbolo Lake is a familiar place. Because this lake is a transit place for those who will continue the journey to climb the peak of Mahameru or Semeru which is the highest peak on Java island.

Kumbolo lake always gets the attention of the climbers to set up tents / camping in this place. There is a uniqueness behind this beautiful lake, that is when the sun begin to rise appear slowly between two green hills and make your attention can not refuse to enjoy it. Another beauty is wen the fog began to fall in the afternoon on the lake water. At night we will be served a constellation of stars “Milky Way of Galaxy that we may not see in cities because of the glare of the city lights.

Another attraction is a hill called “Hill of Love” which is said if we climb to this hill by imagining our loved ones without looking back, we will be happy with them. Higher we climb, more beautiful we see the view of Kumbolo lake.

In this lake is also an inscription relics of the kingdom of Majapahit and also there is a memorial for those who died during climbing to the top Mahameru.


Mount Semeru is not like any mountains. the mountain is located at 2.400 meters. It can reach minus 5 degrees at night if the weather is sunny. So it takes an extra preparation for camping in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. you can see icy plants and tents around this area. we advice you to prepare equipment such as thick clothes / jackets, especially waterproof ones, socks and handbags, head and ears cover, and also do not forget to bring a sleeping bag and a tent made of parasites.

To go to kumbolo lake you can get off at train station or bus station in Probolinggo. Then you can take public transportation to Bromo parking area. You can rent a hardtoop jeep up to Ranupani’s last village post at the slope of semeru. Here there are checkpoints, there are also stalls and lodges.
You need to know that climbers must register first before climbing at Ranu Pani post. It is intended for safety as well as rescue action in case something happens to the climbers on the go.


  • Photocopy of ID card 3 pieces
  • A health certificate from a doctor
  • To reach Kumbolo lake, climbers must walk down the path for approximately 5-7 hours from Ranu Pani registration post. The local forest service office provides posts to rest consisting of posts 1 to 4.

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A little information about Kumbolo lake a Heaven Under Mount Semeru may be a good reference for you who want to climb / trek to Kumbolo lake. To book a cheap kumbolo lake tour package or Bromo tour package, please contact us.

Kumbolo Lake Under Mount Semeru