Mount Arjuno Welirang Trekking Tour Package 4 Days

Mount Arjuno Welirang Trekking Tour Package 4 Days

Mount Arjuno Welirang Trekking Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights
Mount Arjuno Welirang Trekking Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights | Arjuno mountain (3,339 m) and welirang mountain (3,156 m ) is a volcano located in east java and the location is adjacent. so this complex is often called also Arjuno-Welirang. The Arjuno-Welirang is located in two older volcanoes, east Mount Ringgit and south Lincing Mountain. The fumarole area with sulfur reserves is found in a number of these locations.

Mount Arjuno and Mount Welirang become one of the favorite climbing for adventure lovers because they will enjoy the beauty of 2 mountains at once including the highest mountain category after the mount Semeru and mount Raung. In this mountain there are other attractions namely waterfalls called Kakek Bodo which can also be explored. To climb to the top of the mountain welirang and arjuna there are several tracks namely tretes, Lawang and Batu, but this package we will explain through the tretes. here are the details of the review:

Detail of Welirang Arjuno Mountain Climbing Package 4 Days 3 Nights as follows:

Day 1: Pick-up – Tretes

  • Pickup from Surabaya airport in accordance with the arrival schedule of the plane, then proceed to the Tretes area via Pandaan Pasuruan
    After arrived at tretes area chek in the hotel and visit the waterfall of kakek bodo which becomes one of the charming waterfalls around mount Arjuno and Welirang
  • After satisfied, back to hotel then rest for the preparation of climbing tomorrow

Day 2: Tretes – Camping Field Valley

  • In the morning After Breakfast, check climbing equipment then continue to the valley through the track of sulfur jeep carriage to the place / cottage where people look for sulfur ore (valley kidang) why it is called valley kidang because here is the habitat of the deer. if you are lucky, you will see wilddeer in the valley.
  • The journey takes 3-4 hours of climbing. Arrived in the valley, set up a tent, lunch, and spend the night there. in the night the climbers can see beautiful city of Surabaya, Pasuruan and Batu

Day 3: Kidang Valley  – Welirang Peak – Kidang Valley

  • Climbing the peak of weliran starts at 03.00 a.m to see the sunrise and climbing takes 7 hours up-down. After being satisfied back to the base camp and approximately arrived at the base camp in kidang valley at 10.00 a.m, then have a lunch and enjoy the beauty of East Java from the peak.
  • After Dinner Take a break to continue the climb towards Arjuno peak

Day 4: Base Camp – Peak of Arjuno – Lawang Tea Garden Area – Drop Off

  • Climbing Arjuno’s Peak performes in the early morning about 02.00 a.m to catch the sunrise. from the basecamp to the top of the arjuno you will pass the tops of two twin mountains namely the twin mountain 1 and twin mountains 2,
  • after passing through the 2 mountains then continue to the peak of Arjuno to enjoy the sunrise and Arjuno crater which is still active. After satisfied exsploring, back to the basecamp and then down to the tea garden
  • In the tea garden you can see farmers who are picking tea. After satisfied, return back down to Surabaya airport or Malang and Mount Arjuno Welirang Trekking Tour Package 4 Days ends.

Price includes of:

  • Private Land Transportation with AC
  • Ticket and Insurance Permit
  • Porters Team
  • Tent, Mattress and Sleeping Bag
  • Accommodation in Malang/Tretes Village
  • Accommodation in Cemara Indah Hotel
  • Accomodation in Dedaunan Cottage at Batu Malang
  • English Speaking Guides
  • Meal with BLD Condition
  • SMILE 😛

Price excludes of:

  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Meal in Restaurants without BLD indication by itinerary, we will drop to Local Restaurants
  • Additional Food, Soft drink, Refreshment, Beer and Snack
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips, Phone, etc

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Equipments to carry:

Daypack or backpack, Trekking shoes or walking shoes with good Condition, Raincoat, Warm, Jacket, Trekking poles, Clothes easy to dry when it wet (top and trouser for walking), Personal, medicine, Snack or personal food for nibble, Camera or documentation stuff (don’t forget to keep it dry and safe)., Head torch/Torch with good durability, Sunhat and Sunglasses, Personal Toiletries

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Mount Arjuno Welirang Trekking Tour Package 4 Days