Semeru Trekking, Bromo Tour Package 4 Days 3 nights

Semeru Trekking, Bromo Tour Package 4 Days 3 nights

Semeru Trekking, Bromo Tour Package 4 Days 3 nights | Semeru Trekking Tour | This Tour Package contains of Two Tour Packages, Mount Bromo Tour which is famous with Its beautiful Sunrise and Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package.

In this tour package, Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo, before you climb to summit of Mt Semeru, you will stay a night in lodging in Ranu Pane area, located at Mount Semeru Slope. Then continue the journey to Kumbolo Lake and to the top.

Mount Semeru Bromo Tour Package 4 Day 3 night is specifically to provide you comfortable climbing to Summit of Semeru and Mount Bromo, so you can enjoy exploring the natural scenery and get your satisfaction. 

Likewise you will enjoy to explore the beauty of Bromo Sunrise, Bromo Crater, Savanna, and Whispering Sand. The tour guide who will accompany you during the Semeru Trekking Tour is a licensed tour guide, knowledgeable and experienced in their field. The guide will help you to climb to the Peak of Semeru at 3,676 meters and Mount Bromo (2,340 m).

Followings are the program details of Semeru Trekking, Bromo Tour Package 4 days 3 nights:

Day 1 trip: Pick-up - Ranu Pani
Your first day trip starts from Malang or Surabaya, a shuttle transport provided by our travel agent to pick up from the airport / hotel / train station. Travel from Surabaya / Malang and continues to Ranu Pane (2.200m) and check the climbing equipment.
After arrived in Ranu pane, you can rest in lodgment we have ordered. Then Free program.

Day 2 trip: Ranu Pani - Ranu Kumbolo – Kalimati
After breakfast, from Ranu Pane proceed the journey to Ranu Kumbolo (Kumbolo lake). Travel time to Ranu Kumbolo (2,400m) is about 4-5 hours. During the trip, you will see the beautiful scenery of greenland to treat you.
Arrived at Kumbolo Lake, set up a tent and then lunch. After that, continue the journey to Kalimati with duration of 4 hours and pass through Oro - Oro Ombo and "hill of love". Arrived at Kalimati, then do camping, have a dinner and then rest to collect extra energy to continue hiking to the top of Semeru / Mahameru (3.676m).

Day trip 3: Semeru/Mahameru Peak – Kumbolo lake - Ranu Pani - Bromo Area
Semeru Trekking starts at midnight, the journey continues towards Arcopodho. From Kalimati to Arcopodho takes 1 hour Hiking. Then proceed the journey from Arcopodho to the top Mahameru 3.676 m which takes about 3 hours climbing/trekking.
We maximize to get to the top of Mahameru before sunrise so you can enjoy the sunrise. Enjoy the Sunrise and Its view. After satisfied enjoying panorama at Summit of Mahameru, back down to kalimati, then breakfast and after that, pack up and back to Kumbolo Lake.
Arrived in Kumbolo lake, lunch and take a moment to see the beauty of Kumbolo lake. And continue the journey to Ranu pane
After arrived at Ranu Pane you can proceed directly to the Bromo-Tengger area by passing savanna grasslands, and whispering sand.
Arrived at Cemoro Lawang check in hotel and free program.

Day trip 4: Bromo Sunrise Tour - Drop Off
Bromo Tour begins in the morning at 03.00 a.m using Jeep transportation. The first route to visit is Mount Penanjakan 1 to see the sunrise.
After that proceed towards the crater of Bromo. Satisfied with the two Bromo places, back to hotel, breakfast, packing and check out to Surabaya or Malang. When you reach Surabaya or Malang, the Package "Semeru Trekking, Bromo Tour Package 4 days 3 nights" ends.

That’s all the article of  Semeru Trekking, Bromo Tour Package 4 days 3 nights, we as tour agent of trekking volcanos in indonesia also provide combinations of other package such as : Trekking mount Welirang and Arjuno, Trekking mount Ijen and mount Raung and also trekking mount Argopuro. About the price and facilities also acomodations please contact us.

Semeru Trekking, Bromo Tour Package 4 days 3 nights